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1. My son, Connor: he talks all the time and says the most outrageous things.  His laugh bc it lights up my whole heart. His cuddles, lovies, and kisses towards me and Brooke – boy does he love to kiss the belly.

2. Being productive: whether that be at work, checking off things on my 101, organizing & decorating my home, cooking, planning parties, & planning the numerous family functions, appointments, or trips.  I LOVE feeling productive and getting things done.

3. Sweet Tarts: my one true craving right now

4. My daughter Brooke: moving around & around & around – lets me know she’s there, all the time, day and night.  Just figure this means she’s active and healthy…

5. My hubby, Jeff: bc of the way he loves Connor, takes the night shift as we transition Connor to a bed, and looks after the well being of our finances and us during this time of economic crisis

6. Making other people happy: I really do like to do special things for friends & family as well as volunteer


As you may have noticed, I am adding an additional training to this one… not only is potty training in the works, but so is bed training.  Let’s discuss….

Good news first!  Potty Training News: Connor is FULLY day time potty trained!  WHOOP!  Since our last foray into the potty training discussion, we talked about how Connor would merely pee in the potty.  Well, about a week or so later we graduated to full potty usage!  Yup, we are officially day time diaper free.  After that last post, I decided we were gonna try a new method.  For whatever reason, the boy would not poop in a diaper nor on the floor yet had no problems going in his underwear.  So I decided that this new method would consist of staying home and hanging out with a naked Connor all weekend.  The method worked!  Whenever he felt the urge, he knew he didn’t have anything on and could not go on the floor…so off we would race to sit on the potty (boy did that get tiring!)  Many, many times we simply sat there and read books, but eventually he couldn’t fight it and once he went in the potty – it was all over.  We conquered the potty!  Now to work thru the overnight piece….

Bed Training News: we’ve officially taken down the crib.  We realize it took us WAY too long to do this and that Connor should have already been bed trained by now.  What can I say?  Jeff and I enjoy our sleep!  Enjoying it we have not for the last several days.  Since we do not want to encourage the family bed at this age nor am I am truly capable of telling him no and walking him back to his room when he enters ours at 1 or 2am, we’ve taken a measure that some might see as drastic.  We’ve gated our kid in his room at night.  Yes, his room is now a “crib”.  It has been painful for our ears and a tiny bit (ok allot) of guilt associated with it, but our Ferberization plan is slowly working.  Funny enough, he can go to sleep by himself in his bed alone – albeit, this doesn’t happen that often.  Most of the time we either watch TV together on the couch or our bed and he falls asleep.  One of the funniest moments of bed training came bc of this tradition – he awoke to find himself in his bed and loudly proclaimed – “oh, no!  I’m in MY bunk bed!”  You could just hear the shock and disappointment about how and why he was there.  Most nights have consisted of Connor waking up, loudly yelling for Daddy for oh say 20 minutes, Daddy (he’s been wonderful about this bc it’s hard for me to get in & out of bed) then goes to talk Connor back in his bed.  Generally Daddy turns on the bedroom light and Connor falls right back to sleep – phew!  He never actually goes into the room which has been miraculous!  Overall, I am pleased, but I feel we still have several more nights before sleeping thru night becomes more than a fond memory for us.

I was the PROUD Mom this past Wednesday.  I am gonna brag, so if you don’t wanna hear – please skip!

Connor had his first class on Wed, Oct 15th.  These classes are over lunch time, so I got to attend.  Basically, it is a motor skills and learning to follow directions class for 3-5 yr olds.  There were 4 boys and 1 girl & all Moms.  Connor was the youngest, but he was pretty much just as tall as the others.  Yippee!  I must admit, I was very nervous about Connor’s ability to stay focused, follow directions, and stay patient – he’s not even 3 yet!  Moms didn’t participate, so I had my first lesson in allowing someone I didn’t know to teach and correct my kid.  Oh the judging of my mothering skills on display…..

The class is about 50 minutes long and the instructor did a good job of keeping everyone moving.  They “warmed up” with a session of “stretching”.  Basically, they tried (stress tried) to sit in a circle with a bean bag.  The instructor would ask them to place the bean bag on a body part or somewhere near them on the floor.  For example, put the bean bag on your right foot or put the bean bag on the floor between your legs.  I was shocked and pleased that Connor knew all the parts she asked and followed directions quite well.  They tried their lil hands at bouncing and catching balls on the floor and against a wall.  They did the same by kicking the ball too.  They played Red Light, Green Light and each got to take a turn being the light.

Connor did everything she asked and was (no shock here) the most talkative & loud of the bunch.  He was almost always first to answer a question & answering it correctly at that!  We realized he has great recall as many of the games required the ability to remember not only how to play (he had JUST learned directions to), but when & where to run to.  I told you I was gonna brag…..

We did have some instances of deviation where he would run off (he liked to chase the little girl – that’s my boy!) and there was a tiny breakdown, but for his first time – I am SO IMPRESSED!  We are totally looking forward to next Wednesday!

I have not been very good at producing lots of new recipes this month of October.  I have mostly stuck with stuff that is tried and true – spaghetti, fettucine, stew, basic chicken, tacos….however, I did get in the spirit one night and made a lil something from allrecipes called Chicken & Dumplings.  I would recommend reading the reviews and taking some of their suggestions to liven it up.  I did and it turned out fairly decent.  The dumplings were a lil too sweet for me as I used the buttermilk version, but overall I think I would try it again on a cold day.  It was an easy and fast recipe!

For Q2 (as I last noted), my org went to DownHome Ranch as our volunteer opportunity this year.  This is located in Elgin and as I was driving to it, the theme song to Deliverance started playing in my head.  Yes, it is that kinda area…. there were many times I thought of just turning back.  When I finally found the place, there were so many different orgs there to volunteer that they didn’t really have enough jobs for us.  Fortunately, I got a job that was fun and easy – I got to stain the wood pillars and doors of the camp cabins.  I did about 2 or so hours of this, so I think I would call this action – all good!

For Q3, I have set up a team helping to sort coats for the Coats for Kids program.  We will be donating our time on Wednesday, Dec 3rd from 6-8:30pm sorting thru all the coats that were donated.  I am assuming we will be ensuring they are clean and usuable as well as put them in sizes.  If you want to join me, let me know!  I’ll send ya details!

We registered Connor for a class at the Clay Madsen Center called Sports Galore.  It will be every Wednesday over lunch hour starting Oct 15th and running for 5 wks.  I am very excited!  We’ll see how Connor deals with it, that’s the real truth.

Let’s see, I think I have had a slew of them for September….

Compliments of allrecipes

~ Broiled Scallops

~ Chocolate & Peanut Butter Chip Cookies

~ Beef Tips and Noodles

From Sandra’s Semi-Homemade we have Peppercorn Beef Tips.

101 in 1001 – Ongoing

6. Workout 3x per week
7. Keep weight below 130lbs
8. Use Teeth Whitening Trays
10. Volunteer 1x per quarter (3/11)
11. Prepare 1 new recipe a month (15/33)
18. Professional Family Photo once per yr (2/3)
19. Date night every other month (12/18)
32. Keep my sites updated (Facebook, Wordpress, and personal)
33. Family Vacations once per yr (1/3)
34. Monthly Pedicures and Manicures
37. Donate Blood once per quarter (3/11)
38. Spring and Fall Cleanings (3/6)
39. Donate items from those cleanings to Goodwill (3/6)
40. Use all my gift cards
43. Use cloth bags for shopping every chance I get
44. Read one book every other month (31/20)
46. Decorate Home for the Holidays/Seasons
51. Clean out fridge twice a year (3/6)
52. Clean out pantry twice a year (3/6)
53. Take photos at important events
54. Learn and keep tabs on personal and home finances
55. Monthly work performance plan updates (5/33)
56. Update resume yearly or with every job change (2/3)
64. Say a one positive thing for every one negative
92. Give Jeff and kids kisses EVERY day
94. Adhere to my anti-aging cream ritual
99. Wear something OTHER than jeans once a week (144/143)

No Longer Interested:
2. Attend said Church 2x per month (2/66)
47. Event Planner courses or readings
83. Spend at least once a every OTHER week on boat during warm weather (May-Sept)

101 in 1001 – One Time Event

High Motivation:
12. Landscape Front Yard
13. Landscape Back Yard
16. Remove Spider Veins
17. Update Driver’s License restrictions
26. PGMP Certification
30. Green Belt Certification
31. Repair Acura Leather
35. Participate in an Adventure Race
36. Start kids' College Fund
41. Update my phone and address excel spreadsheet
45. Appraise and insure Rings and earrings
48. Clean out jewelry box
61. Travel outside the US
62. Update MP3 player songs
66. Buy a safe
68. Sift thru mementos to either keep, sale, or donate
71. Try Snowboarding
77. Write will
81. Own a Louis Vuitton Purse
86. Actually catch some air wakeboarding
87. Bunny Hop Switch on wakeboard
88. Give Microdermabrasion a try
90. Beat 5k PR - 28:15 Completed: 7/03/10 28:09
91. Beat 5 Miler PR - 47:13
95. Get back to VEGAS!
98. Come up w/new Morning Shift Plan

Low Motivation:
9. Start Side Business (House Flipping, Event Planner, Book, Vending, Duplex/Apt)
15. Take a Spanish Language Course
27. Resize and Wear Aggie Ring
28. Attend an Aggie Bonfire
29. Attend an Austin Midnight Yell Practice
65. Organize my body & mind by buying & using a treadmill
72. Be an extra in a movie or TV show
80. Wii & Wii Fit
84. Play in Poker tourney that doesn’t include friends nor family
85. Poker moratorium for 3 mths
96. Get someone else to start a list
101. Visit Holly’s place when baby comes

101 in 1001 – Completed

1. Register for a Church Completed: 6/06/08
3. Laser hair removal Completed: 2/24/10
4. Baby #2 Completed: 2/09/09
5. Run a 10k Completed: 4/26/08
14. Take a Creative Arts Class (writing, painting, photography) Completed: 2/12/10 at Painting with a Twist
20. Register Connor for a sport when he’s able Completed: 8/12/09
21. Promotion or Job Change to do so Completed: 5/14/10
23. Find and hire a housekeeper completed: 2/8/08
24. Potty & Bed train Connor
25. Wean Connor from pacifier complete 6/1/09
42. Buy and use a PDA Completed: 6/16/08
49. Crown Molding in dining, living, and master bedroom Completed: 4/2010
50. Built in shoe storage in master closet Completed: Dec 09 as Jeff built them for me!
57. Visit a historical site Completed: 9/5/08
58. Visit a museum Completed: 9/6/08
59. Visit a zoo completed:12/24/07
60. Ride a train Completed: 10/11/09 Riding Thomas the Train & 12/20/09 riding the North Pole Flyer
63. New MP3 headphones Complete: July 09
67. Obtain concealed handgun license completed: 1/27/08
69. New pots and pans completed: 2/28/08
70. Frame Family photo completed: 11/08
73. Pay off one of our vehicles Completed: January '09
74. See a Play Completed: Disney Live 12/19/08, Dora Live 7/22/09, Wicked 8/25/09
75. Vote in the next presidential and local elections completed 10/08
76. Become CPR and First Aid Certified Completed: 4/12/08
78. Ride the Zilker Zephyr Completed: 5/28/08
79. Go on a cruise Completed: 9/14 thru 9/19
89. Get a Facial Completed: 6/4/10
93. Have 2nd Baby’s room finished BEFORE she is born Completed: 2/3/09
97. Get a massage Completed: 6/4/10
100. Visit my brother’s new condo Completed: 3/22/08

Supplemental List

102. Watch 1 Netflix Movie a week (53/143)
103. a canopy tour Completed: 11/14/09 for Amanda's 30th
104. Join the Capital City A&M Club Completed: 4/13/08
105. Attend 2 A&M Club events a year (0/6)
106. Have Jeff hang curtains
107. New bedding for Master Bedroom completed: 1/11/09
108. Kitchen Organization System
109. Be a mentor to someone
110. Do a family year end blog every yr end (1/3)
111. APICS Classes
112. Migrate Connor to new room Completed: 8/21/08
113. Update Workout to a Guest room Completed: 1/14/09
114. Office Furniture: desks, chairs, bookcases Complete: 8/09
115. Visit a Chiropractor
116. Get Moles checked out Completed: 4/29/08
117. ITIL Certification
118. Attend a circus, rodeo, or fair Completed: 8/24/08 circus
119. Create photo books once a year for great-grandparents and grandparents (2/3)
120. Update and organize personal cookbook
121. Fall &/or Holiday Festivals (0/2)
122. Renaissance Faire

The Bucket List

Things I want to do before I die
1. Ride the tallest Roller Coaster, Kingda Ka, in Jackson, NJ at Six Flags Great Adventure
2. Visit Redwood National Park to view the oldest and tallest trees in the world
3. Camp Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to see the tallest geyser eruptions
4. Florida Everglades
5. Smithsonsian Museum in Washington, DC
6. Grand Canyon
7. Pyramids of Giza - Egypt
8. Paris, France and all it's relevant sites
9. Great Wall of China
10. Taj Mahal, India
11. Petra, Jordan
12. Greece & Italy and all their relevant sites
13. Chicchen Itza, Mexico Completed: 9/16/09
14. Statue of Liberty, Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore, Niegra Falls, Empire State Bldg
15. Britain/England and all it's relevant sites

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