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We’re having a GIRL!  All the thinking pink was totally worth it!


20. Register Connor for a sport as soon as he is able replaces when he is 4

43. Use cloth bags for shopping every chance I get – no more counting how many times

51. Clean out fridge every 6 mths moves to simply twice a year

52. Clean out pantry every 6 mths moves to simply twice a year as well

65. Organize my body and mind by buying & USING a treadmill – adding USING to the equation

119. New addition: create photo books once a year for great-grandparents and grandparents

Again bringing back another post – mostly bc I am too lazy to write a new one…. eh, and it still holds true….

Being preggers is a wonderful, life changing experience….. this third time it seems to be a WHOLE lot different!  I swear, not only does nothing sound good to eat, I am looking only fat, I can’t drink alcohol & am limiting caffeine (to nada as often as I can)…. but now I will also have to sacrifice some of my 101 things…..  Waaaaaa!  (

 Listed below are the items that are officially on hold till I pop this new baby out (in Feb).

3. Laser Hair Removal Process (had first in April ’08, next March ’09)

6. Workout 3x per week (whenever I get the urge I may just, but no promises)
7. Keep weight below 130lbs (hahahahahaahhahahahaa, seriously?!  Did I not mention how much weight I have already gained?!)

8. Teeth Whitening Trays (I think it’s recommended we NOT chemical our bodies while knocked-up)

16. Remove those spider veins (waiting till I pop this last kid out seems to make the most sense, again w/the chemical thing too)

35. Adventure Race my big fat @ss…..

37. Donate Blood once per quarter (does getting it drawn at the Docter’s every chance they get count?)

86. Actually catch some air wakeboarding (since summer is pretty much over, I prolly don’t even need to count this one, do I?)
87. Bunny Hop Switch on wakeboard (please read above)

88. Microdermabrasion prolly not happening (just doesn’t seem right)

90. Beat 5k PR – 27:31 (kinda goes along w/the working out bit)
91. Beat 5 Miler PR – 47:13 (kinda goes along w/the working out bit)
103. Do a canopy tour – (um, no – just no) 

Man, I feel better already!  Actually, I cannot wait to get back to some of these things and I think everyone would be surprised at which ones they happen to be….

hasta la vista – for now!

So, we all know the previous story and don’t need to re-hash.  But there was indeed bound to be another Cox in this world, put there by this family.  🙂

I think most people know that we are expecting again….. so, let’s just bring out that ol post since it still hits the nail on the head.

Exciting news!

The Cox Family is expecting again!  Yes, you read that right.  I’m pregnant!

We’re already 16 wks along, yes 4 mths.  We’ve already heard the heartbeat and had an ultrasound where everything sounds and looks good.  I am WAY bigger than I was w/Connor and I feel allot worse.  Heck, I still do not feel top notch.  We find out the gender at the end of this month, so stay tuned for that post! 

We’ll welcome #2 in February.  Due date is set for Feb 19th, but we all know from Connor that I under bake! 

I (still) feel guilty saying this, but I figure a lil wishful thinking never hurt anyone – THINK PINK!   )

In the last couple of months, we’ve really had some wonderful & fun accomplishments.  Way more than I thought I would have.  Let’s get to it, shall we

~ I have prepared plenty of new recipes.  Ok, maybe not plenty – but enough to give me the credit I need to say I got this lil gem done at least for August!  All recipes compliments of allrecipes, as per usual.  Hey, we’ve really just started September…. (#11)

~ Jeff and I must be digging each other bc lately we’ve put forth the energy and time to go out, sans lil man.  Granted it’s only been for one little movie called The Dark Knight & it was back in July…. still, I think this meets my every other month date night quota. (#19)

~ Would you count registering your son for a Sports Galore Class for 1 Month as registering your kid for a sport?  I plan on saying that it is bc the class is a high-energy fitness and sports fundamentals class that includes activities such as ball skills, running, and childhood games w/an emphasis on self-esteem and teamwork in a noncompetitive environment.  Take it where you can get it, mmkay?!  The class we chose doesn’t begin until 11/19 bc we have to be 3 to participate.  Since the class is scheduled on Wed over lunch, I plan to meet my parents & Connor at Clay Madsen to participate with him (parents are required).  I am excited for this one! (#20)

~ Well, Connor is mostly potty trained.  He still will not poop in the potty, but he can hold it like no one’s business.  He tells us exactly when he has to go and even grabs a diaper if he has to poop.  He doesn’t wear a diaper for his nap and he’s doing a good job with a less full diaper over night.  We were given the suggestion to have someone he deems an authority figure other than Mom/Dad/Gramps/Nana tell him about being a big boy and having to go poop in the potty.  That’s our next stop, we’re thinking about hitting up the fire station right by our house, maybe the next policeman we meet, or heck at our next Dr’s appt….  We’re also doing very well with limiting the pacifier.  Right now we’re down to nap time and bed time only… the thing WILL GO, but I know we gotta get him into a “big boy” bed first.  (#s 24, 25)

~ We didn’t nor do we plan to take an official vacation this year; however, we did have 2 staycations that were very nice.  We did allot of fun things that we would not have gotten to do if we didn’t take the time off.  It’s a real bummer we didn’t actually go anywhere, though.  I am gonna count this one bc we did take a 2, 1 week vacations that were SO needed! (#33)

~ I am ALL over the mani/pedi thing.  I almost always bring it to the wire and get them just days before the endof every month, but I still get it done!  July & August sessions were both conducted at Wal-Marts.  I have to say, the Wal-Mart by my house off Dessau – LOVES IT!  The place has WIRELESS!  Sweet! (# 34)

~ I have conducted my Fall cleaning since I re-organized my closet.  I have a trash bag all ready with the stuff, just need to get it on over to Goodwill! (#38)

~ I am so digging using the cloth shopping bags!  I have about 6 bags, but have found that I use 4 majority of the time.  I actually fit more stuff into these bags!  The hardest part about this whole process, remembering to actually take the bags into the store!  I have started to use the bags for non-grocery shopping outings as well.  Just trying to do my part, baby steps! (#43)

~ I have read SO MANY books it seems.  Let’s see, I left off mid-July… (#44)

  • Botox Diaries (July)
  • The Debutante Divorcee (July/August)
  • The Girlfriend’s Guide to Parties & Playdates (August)
  • Currently Reading: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People & The Undomestic Goddess (Sept)

~ I officially cleaned out and organized my fridge and pantry.  Didn’t quite make it in my 6 mth interval, so maybe I should say that I want to do a clean sweep twice a year?  I threw out a bunch of stuff, cleaned up the shelves, and organized.  I feel better…. (#s 52 & 53)

~ I recently had my mid-year review which means I did a mid-yr assessment on myself.  In order to do this, I had to update my performance plan & my Individual Development Plan (IDP).  I did both of these in August. Check! (#55)

~ Let’s see, I know I mentioned that we went to visit the Round Rock.  The site by which Round Rock, TX got it’s name.  This past Friday, Sept 5th, we went to visit the Jourdan-Bachmann Pioneer Farms which was founded in the mid 1800s.  Per their website, “Located on historic Walnut Creek, their farm was located near where the Chisholm Trail once crossed through the Austin area, where Tonkawa Indians once camped and in a culturally rich crossroads of Central Texas where settlers from the Eastern States and Mexico, immigrants from Germany and Europe and Freedmen once built successful lives on the Blacklands Prairie. Pioneer Farms is a registered Austin Historic Landmark and a designated Heritage Tourism Destination Site. ”  It was WAY more than we thought it would be and we all had a very good time!  We also went to Innerspace Caverns on Saturday, Aug 23rd.  Let me just say that EVERYONE LOVED IT!  I thought for sure Connor would freak out or not stay interested, but boy were we wrong!  There is a cable car ride to the bottom which he totally loved!  Then the whole tour was maybe a little over an hr which was perfect!  I would highly recommend! Fun for all ages! (#57)

~ When the in-laws came for their wonderful visit, we went to the Austin Children’s Museum.  Basically it was a huge 2 story playroom and had allot of fun activities.  Connor really enjoyed the train table, yes really.  We (or rather his grandparents paid) good money for him to sit at a small wooden table with magnetic train parts to physically push around…. FUN….  I just think this museum is something that an older toddler or maybe even 5 or 6 yr old would enjoy more.  On Saturday, Sept 6th we visited the Texas Memorial Museum located in the heart of the t.u. Campus.  We went bc Connor is currently very into Dinosaurs & we thought seeing some fossils might be fun.  It took us FOREVER to find the place.  I swear with all the construction and the fact the Trinity turns into San Jacinto and picks up somewhere else on campus – blah!  Anyhoo, we get there and it’s a lovely 4 story building that is not at all good for a stroller… overall, I was a little un-impressed.  They did have some dinosuar bones (mostly of giant fish )and some impressive footprints of them, but Connor is just too young to enjoy it.  I think we may try again when’s he 5 or 6….. (#58)

~ Catching Netflix movies should be easy or so it seems…. I haven’t done all that well with this one, but combine this with actually going to the movies and WOW!  Here’s the list since we last parted in July:

  • Iron Man (at the theater) – I cannot believe I didn’t mention this one earlier!  We saw this in May.
  • The Hulk (at the theater) – we saw this in June
  • Wanted (at the theater) – also in June
  • Hancock (at the theater) – we saw this in July
  • Hellboy II: The Golden Army (at the theater) – also in July
  • The Dark Knight (at the theater) – July
  • Mama Mia (at the theater) – August
  • Good Luck Chuck (Netflix) – 2ndto last weekend of August
  • The Nanny Diaries (Netflix) – last weekend of August

~ The weekend the in-laws came to visit (Aug 21st) was the weekend we officially moved Connor into his new room.  We have all his clothes, toys and his crib in the room w/the bunk beds.  We figured baby steps were needed to get him out of his crib… next step, removing the crib altogether!  (#112)

~ We attended Connor’s first circus on the evening of Sunday August 24th.  The world famous Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus came to the Frank Erwin Center and we just couldn’t pass it up.  We ended up with SWEET tickets!  Right dead center and very close!  I think Connor had a good, although we did head out about 30 minutes early….. geez, he’s 2 – attention span is not that long!  However, we did last almost 2 hrs! (#118)

So, looks like I have been missing in action for almost 2 months!  CRAZY how fast time flies…..  there have been so many accomplishments and fun things we’ve done too!  But, let us start with a little update on where things have not gone to plan…. best to get the not so pleasant stuff out of the way.

~ I am continuing to burn in hell as I have not attended church in eons. (#2)

~ I have not made another appt for my laser hair removal sessions since my first one back in like April! (#3)

~ Working out?  What the eff is that?! (#6)

~ Keeping the weight off… yea, no…. (#7)

~ Using those good ol’ teeth whitening trays I got oh like almost 2 yrs ago! Hope it’s still good! (#8)

~ I am apparently not a very giving citizen as I didn’t volunteer once this last qaurter (June-Aug) (#10)

~ Although our yard looks fab, it’s not “landscaped” and really I have nothing to do with it.  Jeff is THE MAN when it comes to things of this nature… (#12 & #13)

~ In all honesty, I have researched the Spanish language classes as well as the creative arts classes.  I happen to really dig t.u. Informal Classes.  It just seems that I do not have enough time nor energy at the moment… (#14 & #15)

~ I am waiting till #4 is accomplished before really attacking those yucky spider veins all over my legs, I think this is a smart and practical decision….maybe not so much a failure? (#16)

~ Pesky driver’s license… I need to update the need to wear glasses, since I had lasik oh 7 yrs ago… license STILL shows I need them to drive.  I have to go in for an official eye exam to do this one, yes I know I am lazy….. (#17)

~ Have I mentioned that I have been trying relentlessly to find anonther job?  Yea, still no go.  And prolly no promo in the current one…. WAH!  (#21)

~ Well, I did start the registration process for the PGMP certification.  However, due to my laziness and procratination it has expired and I have to start over again…..BLAH! (#26)

~ All this Aggie stuff!  Why? Why, did I put this on here?!  Wearing and sizing the ring – Dinged for this!  Attending a midnight yell – well, if we stay here for Thanksgiving I’ll actually get this one done by the end of the yr!  Attending a Bonfire…. well….. How about attending some good ol’ networking with the A&M Club… not so much… did I mention I was lazy? (#s 27-29, 105)

~ Still rocking the beat up leather in my Acura (#31)

~ Participate in Adventure Race… can my personal life count as this?!  Seriously, can it? (#35)

~ Maybe we’ll make the kiddos pay their own way thru college?  Make them really learn from it….ok, ok… we won’t do that, so need to get on this one….. (#36)

~ Giving blood…. yea, not so much (#37)

~ Who would have thought that spending FREE money would be so hard?!  Gift cards are so tough on me, I have no idea why, I really don’t.  I STILL have 9 gift cards left! (#40)

~ I hope I don’t ever lose my wedding rings or those diamond studs bc I have not yet had either insured (#45)

~ I have so much junk jewelry, I just need to trash it… yet, there it sits collecting dust in the jewelry box… (#48)

~ Home Improvements: crown molding, built in shoe storage, hanging curtains, new master bedroom bed ensemble, entryway system, office furniture… I could go on, but these are the only ones on my list.  I look for things I like and cannot commit.  I pester Jeff just enough and it doesn’t work.  Maybe it’s time for some new tactics, hum… (#s 49, 50, 106-108, & 114)

~ Personal finances – WHA?! (#54)

I think everyone gets the drift and that about covers anything that was supposed to happen on a monthly basis.  Now for the good stuff!

101 in 1001 – Ongoing

6. Workout 3x per week
7. Keep weight below 130lbs
8. Use Teeth Whitening Trays
10. Volunteer 1x per quarter (3/11)
11. Prepare 1 new recipe a month (15/33)
18. Professional Family Photo once per yr (2/3)
19. Date night every other month (12/18)
32. Keep my sites updated (Facebook, Wordpress, and personal)
33. Family Vacations once per yr (1/3)
34. Monthly Pedicures and Manicures
37. Donate Blood once per quarter (3/11)
38. Spring and Fall Cleanings (3/6)
39. Donate items from those cleanings to Goodwill (3/6)
40. Use all my gift cards
43. Use cloth bags for shopping every chance I get
44. Read one book every other month (31/20)
46. Decorate Home for the Holidays/Seasons
51. Clean out fridge twice a year (3/6)
52. Clean out pantry twice a year (3/6)
53. Take photos at important events
54. Learn and keep tabs on personal and home finances
55. Monthly work performance plan updates (5/33)
56. Update resume yearly or with every job change (2/3)
64. Say a one positive thing for every one negative
92. Give Jeff and kids kisses EVERY day
94. Adhere to my anti-aging cream ritual
99. Wear something OTHER than jeans once a week (144/143)

No Longer Interested:
2. Attend said Church 2x per month (2/66)
47. Event Planner courses or readings
83. Spend at least once a every OTHER week on boat during warm weather (May-Sept)

101 in 1001 – One Time Event

High Motivation:
12. Landscape Front Yard
13. Landscape Back Yard
16. Remove Spider Veins
17. Update Driver’s License restrictions
26. PGMP Certification
30. Green Belt Certification
31. Repair Acura Leather
35. Participate in an Adventure Race
36. Start kids' College Fund
41. Update my phone and address excel spreadsheet
45. Appraise and insure Rings and earrings
48. Clean out jewelry box
61. Travel outside the US
62. Update MP3 player songs
66. Buy a safe
68. Sift thru mementos to either keep, sale, or donate
71. Try Snowboarding
77. Write will
81. Own a Louis Vuitton Purse
86. Actually catch some air wakeboarding
87. Bunny Hop Switch on wakeboard
88. Give Microdermabrasion a try
90. Beat 5k PR - 28:15 Completed: 7/03/10 28:09
91. Beat 5 Miler PR - 47:13
95. Get back to VEGAS!
98. Come up w/new Morning Shift Plan

Low Motivation:
9. Start Side Business (House Flipping, Event Planner, Book, Vending, Duplex/Apt)
15. Take a Spanish Language Course
27. Resize and Wear Aggie Ring
28. Attend an Aggie Bonfire
29. Attend an Austin Midnight Yell Practice
65. Organize my body & mind by buying & using a treadmill
72. Be an extra in a movie or TV show
80. Wii & Wii Fit
84. Play in Poker tourney that doesn’t include friends nor family
85. Poker moratorium for 3 mths
96. Get someone else to start a list
101. Visit Holly’s place when baby comes

101 in 1001 – Completed

1. Register for a Church Completed: 6/06/08
3. Laser hair removal Completed: 2/24/10
4. Baby #2 Completed: 2/09/09
5. Run a 10k Completed: 4/26/08
14. Take a Creative Arts Class (writing, painting, photography) Completed: 2/12/10 at Painting with a Twist
20. Register Connor for a sport when he’s able Completed: 8/12/09
21. Promotion or Job Change to do so Completed: 5/14/10
23. Find and hire a housekeeper completed: 2/8/08
24. Potty & Bed train Connor
25. Wean Connor from pacifier complete 6/1/09
42. Buy and use a PDA Completed: 6/16/08
49. Crown Molding in dining, living, and master bedroom Completed: 4/2010
50. Built in shoe storage in master closet Completed: Dec 09 as Jeff built them for me!
57. Visit a historical site Completed: 9/5/08
58. Visit a museum Completed: 9/6/08
59. Visit a zoo completed:12/24/07
60. Ride a train Completed: 10/11/09 Riding Thomas the Train & 12/20/09 riding the North Pole Flyer
63. New MP3 headphones Complete: July 09
67. Obtain concealed handgun license completed: 1/27/08
69. New pots and pans completed: 2/28/08
70. Frame Family photo completed: 11/08
73. Pay off one of our vehicles Completed: January '09
74. See a Play Completed: Disney Live 12/19/08, Dora Live 7/22/09, Wicked 8/25/09
75. Vote in the next presidential and local elections completed 10/08
76. Become CPR and First Aid Certified Completed: 4/12/08
78. Ride the Zilker Zephyr Completed: 5/28/08
79. Go on a cruise Completed: 9/14 thru 9/19
89. Get a Facial Completed: 6/4/10
93. Have 2nd Baby’s room finished BEFORE she is born Completed: 2/3/09
97. Get a massage Completed: 6/4/10
100. Visit my brother’s new condo Completed: 3/22/08

Supplemental List

102. Watch 1 Netflix Movie a week (53/143)
103. a canopy tour Completed: 11/14/09 for Amanda's 30th
104. Join the Capital City A&M Club Completed: 4/13/08
105. Attend 2 A&M Club events a year (0/6)
106. Have Jeff hang curtains
107. New bedding for Master Bedroom completed: 1/11/09
108. Kitchen Organization System
109. Be a mentor to someone
110. Do a family year end blog every yr end (1/3)
111. APICS Classes
112. Migrate Connor to new room Completed: 8/21/08
113. Update Workout to a Guest room Completed: 1/14/09
114. Office Furniture: desks, chairs, bookcases Complete: 8/09
115. Visit a Chiropractor
116. Get Moles checked out Completed: 4/29/08
117. ITIL Certification
118. Attend a circus, rodeo, or fair Completed: 8/24/08 circus
119. Create photo books once a year for great-grandparents and grandparents (2/3)
120. Update and organize personal cookbook
121. Fall &/or Holiday Festivals (0/2)
122. Renaissance Faire

The Bucket List

Things I want to do before I die
1. Ride the tallest Roller Coaster, Kingda Ka, in Jackson, NJ at Six Flags Great Adventure
2. Visit Redwood National Park to view the oldest and tallest trees in the world
3. Camp Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming to see the tallest geyser eruptions
4. Florida Everglades
5. Smithsonsian Museum in Washington, DC
6. Grand Canyon
7. Pyramids of Giza - Egypt
8. Paris, France and all it's relevant sites
9. Great Wall of China
10. Taj Mahal, India
11. Petra, Jordan
12. Greece & Italy and all their relevant sites
13. Chicchen Itza, Mexico Completed: 9/16/09
14. Statue of Liberty, Hoover Dam, Mount Rushmore, Niegra Falls, Empire State Bldg
15. Britain/England and all it's relevant sites

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